Why agencies?

Met the intelligent folks from e4m – Nawal, Amit and Noor – this morning. Told them what I have always felt about agency rankings. Why are agencies evregreen targets for perception surveys and size rankings? Sure, size is important, but then how is 2009 different from 1990?

Why are we clinging on to the measures of the exposure era, as if our lives depended on it? Will our narcisism and introvertedness ever end?

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Working in Siloes.

For a while now, marketers have been complaining that specialist agencies work in siloes and that comes in the way of developing and delivering an integrated product. No agency guy, to the best my knowledge, has tried to contest this contention.

Couple of days ago, when some of us were sitting and discussing the future of our business and which future we want to choose, Sujit Biswas made a comment which popped an instant lightbulb in my head.

Marketing companies are no less siloed! There was a time marketing, sales, NPD, research, media all worked together. Now, often, even while being part of the same company, they all fight for turf, budgets, and pride, as if that is the primary purpose of their employment. Interdepartmental fighting some times actually results in the Marketing guys shooting from the shoulders of an agency or a consultant to send a message to the Sales guys, where a beer in the evening might have done the trick.

So who should crib about siloes?