The Joy of Road Block of all kinds

The reactions to today’s brochurisation of TOI by Volkswagen have mostly been negative. Is it only a case of sour grapes? Why are marketing people so fascinated with size, noise and domination? Is it because Marketing is so full of men?

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At the e4m event in Delhi on June 5th

Srini talked about SIP- Systematic Innovation Plan…Jacob said we must all get disciplined and Shruti argued in favour of going back to the basics..

I like it..

I told Anurag that the next time they have a debate on media accountability and ROI, they should have finance and procurement guys on the stage and marketing guys listening..

I also felt that it will be great to have young planners and buyers talking about serious topics on stage and oldies listening in the audience…why must we listen to experience all the time? Why not the audacity of ideas?

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