A Different Meaning of Asset

Years ago, when I was I think 2 or 3 years into working, I got a feeling I was getting bored in my job @ Lintas Delhi. So almost unwittingly I developed a yearly ritual of going to my boss and telling him that I wanted to quit the company.

I think it was Preet [Preet K S Bedi, who was initially my super boss as the office GM, then took me directly under him because I was a problem child], who told me, “How can you even think of leaving? You are an asset!”, in one of those yearly “I want to quit” discussions. My chest filled with pride and my ego swelled up. Wow, a 3 year old guy an asset to Lintas!

It took me a full year or so to suspect that what he perhaps meant was “how can YOU leave? You are a fixed asset, like a wall or a chair fixed to the wall!” I went and asked him and he smiled.

Jokes apart, as I start the first day of my 12th year @ SMG, I wonder what Preet had really meant and whether today’s young people suspect me of meaning something like that, when I talk to them.

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Why agencies?

Met the intelligent folks from e4m – Nawal, Amit and Noor – this morning. Told them what I have always felt about agency rankings. Why are agencies evregreen targets for perception surveys and size rankings? Sure, size is important, but then how is 2009 different from 1990?

Why are we clinging on to the measures of the exposure era, as if our lives depended on it? Will our narcisism and introvertedness ever end?

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At the e4m event in Delhi on June 5th

Srini talked about SIP- Systematic Innovation Plan…Jacob said we must all get disciplined and Shruti argued in favour of going back to the basics..

I like it..

I told Anurag that the next time they have a debate on media accountability and ROI, they should have finance and procurement guys on the stage and marketing guys listening..

I also felt that it will be great to have young planners and buyers talking about serious topics on stage and oldies listening in the audience…why must we listen to experience all the time? Why not the audacity of ideas?

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