Why create a one way street with a customer?

For over a year now, Lavasa Corporation has been talking to me, initially to sell me one of their plots / villas, and later, as they went through a rather rough patch, to keep me informed about what’s happening with their company. For most parts, I have lauded their efforts to keep a dialogue on with their customers and prospects, even in times of adversity, when most companies would clap up.

All of my applause has been silent. And that is the subject of this post.

Why would you write excellent mails to your customers and make it one way? Look at the mail above. Clearly Ms Anuradha Paraskar has been identified as someone who carries a heavy title, that of Senior Vice President, no less. So that makes me feel nice. But when I want to write back to her to thank her and her company and wish them well, and I hit reply, I get stonewalled by an ID I would never write to: customerrelations@whatever.com.

Now, I have been told of many reasons why companies use not-personal IDs such as this, or chairman@thiscompany.com, but no, that does not work for me. If you want to me to write to you – whether to complain or to compliment, allow me to write to a human being, even if you use a fake name. That’s giving me respect. I did give you my correct ID, and not some goodcustomer@xyz.com, right?


Can My Customers Own My Company?

Ok, so what if I start a company where every time customers purchased the product or service,  they get some shares in the company? The more they buy [and/or recommend] they more they own.

Will the regulators have a problem with that? What might be the pitfalls or watch out areas?

What may be the notion of CSOPs [Customer Stock Option Plan]? I am thinking.

The Joy of Road Block of all kinds

The reactions to today’s brochurisation of TOI by Volkswagen have mostly been negative. Is it only a case of sour grapes? Why are marketing people so fascinated with size, noise and domination? Is it because Marketing is so full of men?

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