Is Summer Internship a qualification?

When I was in business school 20 years ago, we chose a company for summer internship based on our area of interest and to learn how companies work et cetera. If we had a doubt between two companies, we chose the one that paid a higher stipend. It was simple.

Today, I am told students get all confused when choosing a company for summer internship. Apparently, it’s now a qualification. On a hunch I checked the LinkedIn profiles of a few people with 2-4 years experience and I did find summer internship listed as a qualification.

I must admit, I am a bit perplexed.

4 thoughts on “Is Summer Internship a qualification?

  1. Interesting observation Ravi. After 6 years of working, i still include my internship experience at some corner of my CV. From a candidate’s point of view, he/she is trying to pose an impression of working in a big company/project at the very start. For an employer, he could guage if candidate is passionate about his job/industry/practice and has not deviated since he/she began working.

  2. Well these days a Summer Internship more or less decides the Final Placement at the end of 2 years (so if one did an FMCG summers one would miss Bank shortlists) since there’s so many of us admitted to of B-Schools every year. It’s the new order of things and has been like that for the past 5-6 years.
    – Mohit (FMS’11)

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