The Joy of Road Block of all kinds

The reactions to today’s brochurisation of TOI by Volkswagen have mostly been negative. Is it only a case of sour grapes? Why are marketing people so fascinated with size, noise and domination? Is it because Marketing is so full of men?

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2 thoughts on “The Joy of Road Block of all kinds

  1. Hi Ravi,

    I think it is a matter of perspective.

    I dont think this is fair enough! Having worked on the brand, i can justify that this really helps. We did something on similar lines where the spontaneous awareness of Audi (from the Audi Volkwagen Group) which was nowhere comparable to its competitors and in the relevant target audience rose to cut throat levels in 7 months time!

    We still do not know what the brief from the client was and are ridiculing what has been done!

    If we ask these same people to spell out the brand name, im sure more than 75% wud spell it wrong! (most of those who read this will search for the brand to get the spelling right!)

    im sure it will crete the right kind of impact for the relevant audiences (of course).

  2. Hi ,
    As we were driving down we noticed a few Outrdoors / Hoardings on the campaign ………quite poor quality excution …posibly does more harm to the top of the line imagery..than build it ……..

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